Continental African Canadian Initiative Launch

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Initiatives  Launch Phase

The Initiative Launch Phase of the AlkebuLan Project is where participants will officially launch their individual initiatives, ranging from nonprofit to business, foundations, social enterprises or entrepreneurs, and community leadership. 

During the initial launch phase of the AlkebuLan Project, the RCHC anticipates the start of its Healing activities - where by partnering with leading Canadian organisations specialising in Holistic Health and Community Wellness, we will be able to launch our very first research on PTSD. 

Funding House


Working with AfriCanadian young leaders and organisations, during phase three of the AlkebuLan Project - we intend to launch a Funding House that will support the work of all continental African Canadians and friends who have graduated from our Vision Crafting program.   


In addition to a funding house, we plan to launch an incubator program for our graduates across Canada. The incubators will serve as a working space equipped with tools and resources. Members will also have access to mentors, consultants, and counselling services.


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Alkebu-Lan Project - Finding solutions to current and future Continental African Canadian challenges through learnings, to create life-lasting visions designed to shape personal goals, provide community service, and contribute towards a positive social change.