african canadian leadership training & e-Capacity Support (ACLTCS)

  1. Theory of Change
  2. Social Development
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Capacity Building 


ACLTCS - Phase One

RCHC’s African Canadian Leadership Training provides stimulating programming and activities that build bridges to promote intercultural understanding and equal opportunity for individuals of all origins, promoting citizenship, civic engagement, and a healthy democracy. The Centre’s e-Capacity Support Project will build and strengthen online and social media presence at the local, regional and national levels.

Project Goal

Our goal is to recruit and develop young continental African Canadian leaders from across Canada as we work to solve existing and future challenges for Continental African Canadian community members. By partnering with leading Canadian organisations, and individual experts, RCHC will offer ongoing training, consulting, mentorship, and e- capacity support to project participants.



African Canadian Leadership Training


Social Development

Participants will participate in an 8-week online training with EP - Personal and Social Development programs will focus on Individual Goals and Life Purpose. 


Theory of Change 

During this 8-Week online training series with Olivia Chow and the Institute for Change Leaders, participants will learn The Art of Community Organising Training.


Leadership Development

Participants will engage in ongoing leadership development learnings, like Good Governance and Capacity Building Training, Diversity and Inclusion for success, etc. 


Project Evaluation

RCHC will use the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Model to assess the effectiveness of our training.

Anticipated Outcomes

Leadership development programs are designed to mobilise and connect Continental African Canadian young leaders - building bridges to other Black Canadians, formal organisations and groups, and removing barriers to learnings, mentoring, and access to resources and tools to solve current and future community challenges through cross-sector collaboration. 

 Participants will gain knowledge, skills, and the capacity to contribute to their community, providing an opportunity for a more diverse and inclusive Canadian society, promoting intercultural understanding, equal opportunity for individuals of all origins, citizenship, civic engagement, and a healthy democracy.


Get Involved

Alkebu-Lan Project - Finding solutions to current and future Continental African Canadian challenges through learnings, to create life-lasting visions designed to shape personal goals, provide community service, and contribute towards a positive social change.