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Continental African Canadian Acceleration Phase

During the Acceleration Phase of the AlkebuLan Project, our focus will be on advocacy and the creation of working spaces across the country for the recently launched AfriCanadian initiatives or entities. Using the previously established Funding House and Incubators, we intend to generate awareness and raise further funds for the development of CAC Hubs. 

With the support of the AfriCanadian Network, created in the three previous phases of the AlkebuLan project, RCHC hopes to operate in all major cities, with office spaces that will allow us to reach our stakeholders and members in need of our services across Canada.  


We intend to answer the number one issue for African Canadian organisations, especially community-based organisations, to help establish operating spaces for CAC youth across the country.

Our acceleration program – through the AfriCanadian Resource Centre will continue to build resources and raise funds to help achieve operating space for all members of our network.


With an active funding House and a network of leaders across the country, our goal is to encourage competitive firms and hubs to support African Canadian works. CAC Hubs will also help showcase the work of African Canadian organisations and individuals and provide a platform for collaborative leadership and capacity. 

Hubs will also serve access to a greater Canadian audience, allowing for the exchange of ideas and innovation.


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